The TR90 Frame – What It Is and Why You Need It

As all spectacular spectacle users around the world know, there is truly no greater and more serious task than finding the right frame for your glasses. Wearing glasses has the power to completely change a person’s appearance; some say it makes people look more studious and mature, but we can all agree that the right pair of frames can make someone look insanely attractive too. In today’s post we bring to you the benefits of TR90 frames – durable, flexible, comfortable, and extremely good to look at, these are the frames you never knew you needed in your life.

  1. Highly flexible

Manufactured by Swiss Technology, the TR90 is an innovative take on the basic spectacle frame. Its material is a new type of polymer plastic (called thermoplastic) which gives the frame its unique flexibility and bendiness. The frame molds itself onto a users face giving the sense of utmost comfort. The frame holds its original shape for a long time due to its highly flexible property.

  1. Resilient on impact

If you have an unfortunate habit of dropping things (especially your glasses), or stepping on them, or sitting them (you get what we mean), then the high durability of the TR90 is perfect for you. Thermoplastic’s flexibility is also a major contributor to the resilience of the TR90. On impact with the ground, the molecules of the material can rearrange themselves instead of breaking formation and snapping – no more going through five frames a month with the TR90 at hand.

  1. A color for very outfit

For many glass-users the attractiveness of the frame is possibly the biggest and most important factor of them all. Full time spectacle users in particular prefer frames that come in a wide range of colors so that there’s always one to go with a special outfit. The TR90 frame comes in bright, vivid colors and intricate temple designs to keep your style factor high and your vision unimpaired.

  1. Comfortable for everyone

The composition of thermoplastic makes it an extremely lightweight material (35% lighter than a frame made with PC) and thus perfect for use in glasses; you won’t even feel that you’re wearing glasses at all.

To finish off, the TR90 frame is suitable for anyone looking for a flexible, lightweight, resilient and stylish frame for their glasses. They are hypoallergenic (anti-allergy) and resilient to high temperatures too. The thermoplastic material comes in a number of bright, trendy colors to suit users of all tastes. Think no more – your hunt for the perfect spectacle frame ends now!

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