Acetate frames have been around for generations. They’re made by cutting parts for glasses out of blocks forged by welding layers upon layers of cellulose. They have a huge fan base among glass-users: in terms of strength, style, flexibility, and comfort there really is no other comparison for a spectacle frame. In today’s post, we bring to you the many benefits of acetate glasses frames.
1. Style and color
Now usually, we would not put these criteria on the very top of the list. But, acetate frames truly do have a magnificent range of spectral colors. Unlike boring (but cheap) plastic frames which have to be painted to get some color on them, acetate frames are made from laminating sheet upon sheet of colorful or transparent layers of cellulose. The combined effect results in a huge range of transparency and a rich color finish. Pieces needed to make acetate frames are cut from huge blocks of laminated material; a range of shapes and styles can thus be produced by simply cutting the block.
2. Strength and flexibility
If you're one of those people with an unfortunate habit of breaking your glasses (don’t worry, most of us are like that) then the cellulose acetate frames are just the thing you've been looking for. These frames are one of the strongest and most durable out there and can withhold huge amounts of stress without snapping. The tough cellulose fibers in the material are strong enough to tolerate a lot of strain. They will hold their shape and display amazing elasticity. Cellulose fibers can bend when force is applied to them resulting in awesome flexibility too; your glasses will mold themselves to your face to provide the utmost comfort.
3. Hypoallergenic and lightweight
As any great pair of glasses should be, cellulose acetate frames are hypoallergenic, meaning that you can wear them comfortably all day and they won’t irritate or react with your skin. Even if you suffer from an allergic condition, you can rest assured when wearing them. Moreover, acetate is an extremely lightweight material so you won’t even realize you’re wearing glasses most of the time. Say goodbye to eye-wear headaches and that irritating pressure on the bridge of your nose! Cellulose acetate frames offer the highest levels of comfort there is.
4. Eco-friendly
Acetate frames are made from cellulose, a material commonly found in plants. Your glass frames are therefore made from completely renewable sources and you can sleep in peace knowing that you’re taking care of your eyes and saving the planet at the same time.
Acetate frames have a whole bunch of benefits over their cheaper plastic comrades and have thus gained immense popularity among users. If you’re looking for a nice, all-rounded frame that gives you an extra stylish flair, then look no further: we have found the match for you!
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