Blue light is present practically everywhere: It's in the UV rays of the morning sun, the light from your laptop as you binge-watch Game Of Thrones, the light from LEDs in your room, and the flashing light from the screen when your friend sends you a text message.
We literally cannot escape it. And it is ruining us.
Blue light blocking lenses have been around for decades, but their presence today is more important than ever. With people spending hours in front of screens at their office jobs, we are more exposed to the dangerous effects of blue light today than ever before. Below are the two most prominent effects of exposure to blue light on the human body:
1. Disrupted sleep schedule
Our bodies are conditioned to wake up in the presence of blue light and naturally fall asleep when it fades. This is why when the first rays of the sun peak in through the window people wake up from their sleep. The problem here is that the majority of people in our world no longer fall asleep when the sun sets – they simply switch on their LED’s, laptops, phones and TV’s and continue to receive exposure from blue light.
Checking your mail at night before going to sleep or spending hours of the night on your phone (for no reasons at all really) can severely damage your sleep schedule. Your brain gets confused with all the light exposure and insomnia results as a consequence.
2. Permanent damage to eyes
Blue light is like salt – a little is good, a lot is dangerous. Soaking UV rays from the sun is good to an extent for vitamin D, but this has to stop at night. Blue light rays from electronic appliances are difficult for the eye’s lens to filter out and thus a good amount reaches the retina of the eye. When done over a long time this causes damage to light-sensitive cells and develops eye diseases in the future, eg. cataracts.
The benefits of blue light blocking lenses should be quite obvious by now. When wearing these lenses after evening hours or in the presence of any artificial blue light, you can save your eyes from a lot of damage and sleep better at night too. Blue light blocking lenses are:
* Amazing for use at the office to reduce the penetration of blue light into the retina
* Stylish to look at because of a slight yellow tint
* Anti UV and anti-fog
* Great for blocking 50-99% (depending on the glasses) of blue light and ideal for mid-day to night use
* Able to sharpen the colors and quality of surrounding objects as an added perk
And these are just to name a few of the effects over-consumption of blue light rays can have in your life. Make a difference now and see how your pair of glasses will not only enhance your look but help protect your eyes at the same time!
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